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Using nutrition to treat illness is not new – it has been used for centuries as evidenced by the work of Hippocrates who firmly believed in the healing power of food. He was known to cure ills using food elimination diets and administration of certain foods as medicine.

Today, nutritional therapy is based on a scientific, evidence-based understanding of nutrients and the human body. It still uses a holistic approach, however; treating the whole person and the underlying cause of an illness, not just the symptoms. It recognises that everyone is unique and therapy is tailored to the individual.

Good nutrition is a fundamental requirement for good health, and optimising nutritional status can improve the management of almost any health problem. Conditions that respond particularly well include; bloating & IBS; chemical sensitivities; chronic fatigue; constipation; digestive disorders; fertility problems; food intolerance and allergies; migraine; fungal infections; hormonal problems; joint pains; lack of energy; PMS & menopause; skin problems e.g. eczema; stress disorders; and weight management.

What happens when you come for treatment?
You will be asked to complete a food diary and nutrition questionnaire in advance of the first consultation, and this typically lasts an hour and a quarter.

Many factors influence the nutritional requirements of each individual – age, sex, genetics, disease states, stress, pollution, to name a few. A nutritional therapist will assess your nutritional status and devise an individually tailored programme for your needs. Laboratory tests may sometimes assist the process, and supplements, or herbs, may be recommended.

How often will you need treatment?
Follow-up consultations last 30-40 minutes and are usually held 2-4 weeks later, depending on the problem.

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