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Allergy Testing

The Centre has both a Nutritionalist and a Kinesiologist who carry out allergy testing.

Sabina Zielinska uses Total Body Modification (TBM), which provides a unique and extraordinary way to desensitize allergies and commonly gives a 95% improvement in symptoms. American allergist Dr Doris Rapp endorses the use of TBM in allergy treatment after finding that the patients who improved by 85% under her treatment went on to obtain a 95% improvement with TBM.

Total Body Modification (TBM) treats the muscles, skeletons and nerves, as well as internal organs & glands. It can help in the relief of acute injuries like muscle spasms, or long term chronic problems like painful muscles, joints, arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. Instant relief can be provided through working on the muscles and de-stressing the joints, with deep massage on the muscles if required (usually needed for neck and shoulders).

Wendy Smith identifies food allergies and intolerances using the gold standard ‘food elimination and challenge’ method.  This involves clients eliminating certain foods from their diet for between two and four weeks depending on the condition, e.g. IBS usually responds quickly, whereas arthritis and joint problems tend to take longer.  A symptoms diary is kept and foods re-introduced on a carefully controlled basis over a period of time.  The foods eliminated are usually the most commonly allergenic foods but are also selected according to a client’s diet and presenting symptoms.

Wendy may also recommend laboratory tests to identify food allergies or intolerences, also airborne or chemical allergies if suspected.  These test for different antibodies and require blood samples, either pinprick or via approved phlebotomy clinics.  Where SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is suspected, a breath test can be conducted either at the lab or in the home.  If positive, clients will be guided through a ‘FODMAPs’ diet that eliminates certain fermentable sugars that feed bacteria.


For more information or to book an appointment with Wendy, please contact her directly on: 


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Saturday 1pm - 5pm Monthly (Sabina) 1st Saturday of the Month
Friday 1 - 5.30pm (Wendy) 1st Friday of the Month


Food intolerance test - Varies in price (Wendy)
1st appt: £80 - 1 hour (Sabina)
Follow-ups: £45 - 30 mins (Sabina)
Child 1st appt: £55 - 1 hour (Sabina)
Child follow-up: £35 - 30 mins (Sabina)