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Homeopathy for Babies & Children

Natural Medicine for Babies and Children.

The more acute and recent the illness, the quicker the action of the homeopathy. That is what Homeopathy is! – so simple – so sure – so rapid in action.. Which is why it can be so effective in childhood.

Homeopathy can promote, build & maintain a strong immune system for a child – this raised immunity may be able to help with typical childhood related symptoms such as: Teething, Tonsilitis, Tantrums, Colds + Flu, Colic + Ear infections, Poor sleep, Travel sickness, Warts + Skin disorders. To name but a few.

To book an appointment
Please contact the centre reception on

020 8293 5380 / 5405


Mondays 1pm - 9.30pm (Keith)
Tuesday 1.30-5.30pm (Nicola) Flexible on some Tuesday morning, Fridays & Saturday afternoons
Saturday 1pm - 5pm Monthly (Sabina) 1st Saturday of the Month


1st appt: £75 - 60-90mins (Nicola)
Follow-ups: £65 - 60-75mins (Nicola)
Follow-ups: £80 - 1 hr (Sabina)
Follow-ups: £45 - 30 mins (Sabina)
Acutes: £15 - 15 mins (Nicola)
1st Appt: £70 - 1 hr (Keith)
Follow-ups: £50 - 30 mins (Keith)