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Nicola Redmond

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Nicola Redmond

Nicola has been involved with homeopathy since 1982, prescribing for herself, family and friends. Her decision to train as a professional homeopath came from helping out at her sister’s complementary health centre in Walthamstow, and seeing the return to health of so many patients.

She trained at the classical New College of Homeopathy in Greenwich and the College of Practical Homeopathy, Finchley. Craniosacral training with The Turning Point. Systematic Kinesiology with T.A.S.K.

Nicola has a wide understanding of many alternative therapies and has an eclectic view of maintaining health. She was an actress for many years performing on stage and screen, which has enabled her to develop a deeper understanding of complex human emotions and behaviours. During international tours she was able to see homeopathy working for herself and her fellow actors.

Nicola has ongoing professional supervision with experienced homeopaths. She also maintains continuing professional development by attending conferences, courses and seminars in order to deepen her practice and enlarge her understanding of naturopathy, nutrition and homeopathy and kinesiology.

Nicola was an advisor for many years on the advice/order line at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy where she would give advice for both humans and animals. She completed a course on Plant Medicine run by an international medical homeopath and herbalist and continues to study the Sensation Method in Homeopathy on an ongoing basis, attending seminars and study groups.

Her consultations incorporate a case history of both current and past ailments. She uses either bio resonance &/or kinesiology to determine an individually tailored programme to address the health issues concerned. These techniques can often assist with determining allergies, sensitivities and toxicity . The appropriate programme can then be created to address any or all of these.

Nicola is also an Asyra/Qest 4 Bio Resonance practitioner – click for more information

Other modalities that might be helpful are Flower Remedies (she holds certificates in the Bach Essences and the Australian Bush Flower Essences and also looks at Indigo Essences (which work really well for children), Orchid Essences, Findhorn Essences).  She is also a Certified Practitioner in Homeobotanical Therapy which are a synergy of Botanicals and Homeopathy.

With Craniosacral Therapy ‘you will usually lie (or sometimes sit) fully-clothed on a treatment couch. Contact is made by placing hands lightly on your body and tuning in’. The first thing you will probably notice is a sense of deep relaxation, which will generally last throughout the session. This release of tension often extends into everyday life. Sometimes the benefits are not immediately noticeable but become obvious on returning to a familiar environment.

Craniosacral therapy has developed from clinical experience, which shows that health is something active and not just an absence of disease. Health is the expression of life, responsible for the organisation of the millions of things that are constantly happening in the body.


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