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GongSound Bath Meditation with Sarah & Isabel

The Gong & Sound Bath Meditation induces a state of deep relaxation where transformation and healing can take place and intentions can be planted and take root.

In contrast to our day to day hyper-stimulated reality, we enter the timeless zone, bathed in sound, transported to another world. A space of extraordinary and yet familiar ease.

What happens during the Gong & Sound Bath Meditation?

You are invited to lie down comfortably on yoga mats, with pillows, cushions and blankets. There will be a space to consider any intentions that you may be working with. The gongs will amplify these intentions. We will play gongs, singing bowls, rattles, chimes and other instruments known for their healing and re-harmonising frequencies. The result is a sound journey that allows a re-tuning, a return to harmony and deep relaxation. There will be a 5 minute period of silence at the end of the sound meditation.

Each journey is different and influenced by a myriad of shifting energetics, from your internal state of mind and health, to external influences – the season, the weather, the phases of the moon and planetary shifts and alignments.

Our ancient ancestors were well aware of the power that sound had on our health and state of mind. Tibetan bells and bowls, Peruvian whistles, Chinese and Arabian gongs, Aboriginal didgeridoos, and drums and voices from all cultures have been used to create altered states of consciousness, deep meditation, healing and even the movement of physical objects.

It is no coincidence that these sacred healing instruments have re-emerged at a time of great shift for humanity and the planet. It seems we are now in ready for and in need of their extraordinary re-harmonizing and transformative potential.

How does it work?

As Einstein said ‘Everything in life is vibration’

We are made up of vibrating energy, every cell, tissue, organ, and bone is fundamentally a collection of vibrating waves and particles. Sound affects us whether it is within our range of hearing or not. For example, Dame Evelyn Glenny, a master percussionist plays brilliantly despite being deaf as she feels the vibrating rhythms of her instruments through her feet and whole body.

When the gong and bowls are played, we use sound waves to entrain brainwaves. The gong produces a vast range of natural harmonic overtones. When two or more gongs or bowls are played together the entrainment creates many combination tones and also extremely low frequency (or ELF) tones, (30Hz or less) which can’t be heard by the human ear but can be felt in the body. These ELFs can be of great benefit to human health; for example, it has been shown that ELF of 10Hz has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Entrained gongs produce ELF of between 4 and 13Hz, stimulating alpha and theta brainwaves which induce a natural state of meditation in the listener. These meditative, peaceful states of mind create access to the subconscious where deep inner transformation and healing can take place. Intentions can be planted and take root and creativity is heightened.

In these states, we can rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, release physical tension and energetic blockage and facilitate a deep sense of peace and even bliss.

The gong is accessible to all, it is a healing instrument for the people.

Participants have said:

“I feel embraced, held by the sound”

“bathed in the vibration”

“deeply relaxed and energised”

“playful and joyous”

“Dual goddess energy, warming, releasing, new moon grounding…beautiful!”

Thank you again for a lovely evening yesterday. The Gong and Sound Bath is always such a special experience.”

“Thank you both for this evening it was really grounding, I felt ‘buoyant’ as I walked home.”



Friday 28th June 2024 6.30-7.30pm

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