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Sira Garcias Santamaria

Sira Garcias Santamaria

From a very young age, Sira Garcias has held a passionate interest in Eastern philosophies and religion. She is fascinated by alternative remedies and medicine as well as practices that promote physical and mental wellbeing such as yoga, meditation and dietary research.

Sira also has a working and practising knowledge of TCM and herbal formulas, acupuncture, acupressure, tuina, deep tissue, reflexology, healing with music and sound, breathing techniques and exercises incorporating ‘chi’ energy, healing with Bach flower remedies, intuitive readings and crystal energy.

Sira formulised and created a unique treatment in 2014. This treatment combines balancing the chakras and acupressure points including Chi Energy. During these years, she had the possibility to gain new knowledge about the Chakras. She recently named her Treatment “Chakra Energy Essence or simply Sira Treatment, based on the identity and essence of the person.

Sira holds a diploma in Reiki Master / Teacher (The Usui System of Natural Healing) gained in 2006. Her teacher was Doctor Jenny Fitzgerald. Her musical and sound therapy courses were finished in City Lit College.

Her Acupuncture and Acupressure Certificate was undertaken and completed in UK Academy of Chinese Medicine in association with Hunan University (Professor Engin Can) gained in 2014. Honorary certificate holder of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies April 2015. Her Chinese Medicine Herbal Formula Certificate gained in 2019.  Sira holds a certificate in Trauma Recovery gained in 2017 with the American Hypnosis Association and a certificate in Intuitive and Energy Healing gained in July 2019.

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