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Saskia Krijgsman

Saskia Krijgsman

Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates Instructor

My name is Saskia Krijgsman, I grew up bilingual (English and Dutch speaker) and I studied physiotherapy in The Netherlands. Shortly after qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2000,  I moved to the UK, my birth country. I have worked mainly in the NHS settings specialising in Oncology Physio. But I have also worked in different charity settings covering musculoskeletal outpatients, elderly care, community, palliative care and Lymphoedema. 

In 2017 I started my Pilates journey with APPI and am now also a fully qualified Mat work Pilates Instructor. I love combining my physio and Pilates skills to get the best out of both worlds. My focus in Pilates is on quality of movement and fully understanding and feeling how we move, how we hold ourselves (posture) and how to improve our quality of movement. At the same time working on improving our bone health, movement control, strength and flexibility. I continue to learn and develop my knowledge and skills through courses with APPI and am currently doing a course on women’s health; anti & post natal, osteoporosis, menopause and pelvic floor are some of the subjects I am completing shortly. 

My Pilates classes are clear, safe and fun. I always strive to get the best out of you and after a class with me you will feel a sense of achievement and hopefully you will also have learnt something new about yourself, your ability. My aim and hope is that you will follow this through in your everyday life & activities. Ultimately you will feel stronger, healthier and the initial conscious movements will become your ‘new normal’ unconscious movements thus reducing risk of injury and/or worsening of an old injury or other health issues (mental or physical). 

My classes are great for beginners and improvers, I would love for you to join in and experience one of my classes. 

To book a class or for more information email me at: 

Follow me on instagram @pilateswithsaskia

Class Times

Tuesday 9.45am-10.45am