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Kinesiology is a unique and extraordinary therapy that produces extremely fast results, with most patients feeling a significant improvement in their symptoms within the 1st – 2nd week. As in acupuncture, kinesiologists believe that energy channels (meridians) are linked to internal organs and that illness occurs when meridians are blocked. Imbalances in the body are detected by testing muscles at the same time as touching specific body points (similar to acupuncture points). The practitioner corrects the inbalances by tapping with their fingers along the nerve rich area of the spine.

The nerves connected to the spine, organs and muscles, act much like an electrical circuit connected to the brain, and hence the body acts much like a computer. Research has proven that under sufficient stress, the neurones in the brain centres (which control the stressed organ or body part) depolarise. This leaves the organ or body part running out of control, and hence resulting in disease symptoms. Through muscle testing and stimulating specific body points the neurones can be re-polarised and the brain will regain control of the body and guide it back to health. In energy terms, when the meridian channels become blocked, symptoms appear. Stimulating specific body 
points results in the meridians becoming unblocked, resulting in a return to health.

What happens when you come for treatment?
The patient remains fully clothed throughout treatment. The body is first asked to show a ‘yes response’, which tends to be a strong muscle and a ‘no response’ which tends to be a weak muscle in one of the arms or legs. A series of muscle tests are then performed in the first consultation, where internal imbalances or blockages impairing the patient’s health are discovered and corrected. Simple corrections are made that reset the body’s bio-computer to restore organ function, balance blood pressure, correct cardiac low back, stabilise sugar metabolism, improve water utilisation, normalise hormonal cycles and strengthen immune responses to viruses, bacteria and parasites.

This first consultation switches the body on to respond to the more advanced treatments such as allergy correction in future treatments. During follow-up’s the body’s energy flow is restored, emotional blocks cleared, learning disabilities treated, thinking, concentration, and memory improved, flu is neutralised (including ME), allergies (food, chemical) are corrected and the immune system is strengthened. There is a specific approach to degenerative disease syndromes.

How often will you need treatment? 
Most patients need to be seen weekly for 3-6 weeks. There should be a significant improvement in their health at this time. However, some patients may need further weekly or monthly treatments, whilst most will need only a year to maintain optimum health. In some instances the body may go through a ‘Healing Crisis’, where physical symptoms may worsen before they improve, and old symptoms may return temporarily, in order to be eradicated. This is a positive sign that the body is healing. Through muscle testing, the most suitable homoeopathic remedy for the body is acquired. Any homoeopathic treatment is included in the price.

Further Information
How did Kinesiology originate?
Kinesiology evolved from the mind and insight of Dr. George Goodheart in 1964 who developed Applied Kinesiology (AK). Additional research by Dr. V. Frank developed Total Body Modification (TBM). TBM has been declared as one of the top ten chiropractic techniques by the respected ‘American Chiropractic Journal’. Dr. R. Frank took his father’s research further by developing Natural Healing (NH), an advanced version of TBM and AK, concentrating on optimising the body’s neurological system by treating the root cause of symptoms. He began to explore further the body’s healing potential beyond what AK and TBM had already successfully demonstrated. In this research, he found ways of accessing the healing potential of the body’s bio-computer.

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