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DNA Testing

Nutrition & lifestyle advice designed for YOU, and nobody else.

Your individual DNA decoded to help you understand how you’re built and what you really need to get and stay healthy.

How it works

Your DNA holds the code to your individual health and wellbeing needs.
DNApal unlocks this code turning hard science into simple, actionable advice and support that works for you as an individual.

Supported Science

The advice is backed by the science of nutrigenomics – The study of the interaction between nutrition and  lifestyle and genes.

Comrehensive Analysis

The DNA test covers 700k+ genetic variants (SNPs)

Personalised Plan

The smart algorithm combines your DNA & current lifestyle information to deliver over 50 different insights, along with diet & lifestyle support.

Full Data Privacy

Strict, anonymous processing of your DNA sample. You can request your raw DNA data file at any time and / or request that it is deleted.

Order the DNA test online

Purchase a test online and it will be delivered direct to your door.

Take the swab and return to the company

Follow the instructions provided in your kit to perform your simple cheek swab (no needles or blood). Pop your swab into the pre-paid return envelope provided and post it back.

Get your personalised results

Results take between 3 – 6 weeks. You will receive a notification via email.

If you only want the test results and no further help please go to the website and order direct with the £20 off discount code NIKKIR20

For extra reports such as Thyroid or Male or Female Genetic Health please email me, these are £75 each – Nikki Redmond

If you would like help supporting your health after you get the results back please get in touch with me – Nikki Redmond

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Flexible as this is by post


£199 for the General Health Overview Report with a discount code - NIKKIR20 - for £20 off the price