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Chiropody & Podiatry

Chiropody, sometimes also known as podiatry, helps to treat a range of foot complaints, from verrucas and toenail disorders to arthritis.

Because the feet are complex and hard-working they are subject to many ills and provide early indications of many seemingly unrelated conditions such as diabetes, circulatory disorder, kidney problems, arthritis and anaemia. Chiropody is used to treat people of all ages and each case is assessed on an individual basis. Treatment includes advice and recommendations on related issues such as footwear or biomechanics.

Common foot problems treated include corns and callouses, bunions, athletes foot, nail disorders, verrucae, blisters, chilblains and infections.

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Wednesday 4.45-9.30pm
Thursday 8.45am-3.30pm


1st appt: £50 - 30 mins
Follow-ups: £45 - 30 mins