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Valya Georgieva

Valya Georgieva

I’m Valya (or Val), a lawyer with a passion for justice and a Holosomatic Breath Facilitator, certified by InnerCamp.

Four years ago, in the heart of a pandemic storm, I found myself drowning in stress and overwhelm. It was a challenging time for many, and I was on the brink of a burnout. That’s when the universe introduced me to the Wim Hof method, a revelation that included breathwork and cold exposure. It became my lifeline, transforming my resilience and overall well-being.

Since that pivotal moment, I’ve delved into the vast realm of breathwork, exploring various modalities that have left an indelible mark on my journey. In 2023, I committed to a profound exploration of breathwork, becoming a certified Holosomatic Breath Facilitator.

Breathful Being wasn’t born overnight; it started as a whisper in my heart. It’s my earnest endeavor to share the incredible benefits of intentional breathing with you. I stand as a believer in the scientific and spiritual dimensions of breathwork, ready to be your guide. Let’s unravel the magic together, discovering how the simple act of breathing can bring balance, resilience and profound well-being to your life.

As a certified facilitator, I guide Holosomatic Breathwork sessions. The term ‘Holosomatic’ merges ‘holo’ (meaning ‘whole’ or ‘enire’) and ‘somatic’ (pertaining to the body, in contrast with the mind). This breathwork method’s core ethos is to achieve a harmonious balance between mind, body, and soul, through a variety of breathing techniques, including pranayama and conscious connected breathing.

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