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Sarah’s 5 Element Protection Exercise Qi Gong Meditation

5 Element Protection Exercise Qi Gong Meditation – Free download

Sarah has been teaching this Qi Gong Meditation to Chinese Medicine and Reiki students for over 20 years.

She finally filmed it in Canada 2 years ago for Pacific Rim College of Oriental Medicine.

This is a very powerful ancient Daoist Qi Gong meditation, that was used by ancient doctors and healers to protect the Wei Qi (defensive Qi) against the invasion of external pathogenic factors. It expands and builds the energy field and thus protects us from invading energies including modern pathogens like increasing EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

A great way to start the day, end the day, or use anytime that you are looking for a calm centre within your being.

She would now like to make this available to everyone who would like it for free. Please download here.

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