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My Online Tui na Course for Acupuncturists – Now Live!

Sarah Pritchard’s ‘Advanced Tui Na – The Complete Online Programme for Acupuncturists

Course Description

This course, for both the beginner and advanced Acupuncturist and Tui na practitioner, will take you on a journey back to the shamanic foundations of Chinese Medicine to the ancient massage manipulations of An Wu/An Mo that predate acupuncture. All needling techniques evolved from An Mo (press rub), known more commonly now and since the Ming dynasty as Tui na (Push grasp).

The therapeutic abilities of Tui na are broad and deep. It is both a physical bodywork (Yang and invigorating) and a subtle energy medicine (Yin and deeply nourishing). Some points and channels are better stimulated with hands and others with needles. This course will bring you the flexibility to use both in your practice, giving you the versatility and potential to flow creatively and intuitively with the changing dynamics of your patients’ Qi. And, your patients will love it!

For those new to Tui na, this course will provide a comprehensive foundation for how to apply all the fundamental techniques effectively and confidently with connection and presence. For those who already work with Tui na, the course aims to inspire you to deepen, refine and advance your skills.

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