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‘Embracing Change’ – with Polly Teale. Sat 21 March

A workshop afternoon with Polly Teale exploring transition and change through embracing our imperfection and creativity.’

We both fear and long for change in our lives. You may be looking for new experiences, deeper connections or greater fulfilment. Or are you facing a change that is beyond your control? Whether it is the process of ageing, or changing circumstances in our personal or professional lives, change can be challenging, even as it offers new possibilities for growth.

I’m offering a space to reflect on the change you are experiencing, or desire. We will reflect on the challenges as well as the potential that might emerge.

I invite participants to bring an object that is damaged or found. It might be something broken you can’t bring yourself to throw away, or something that caught your eye on a walk and ended up in your pocket. We will explore how broken or discarded objects can be mended, reimagined or reinvented. We will come from a place of compassion and the belief that we can grow from our wounds and imperfections. In fact they are often the source of our empathy and wisdom.

You don’t have to be artistic to take part, just open to discovering. Through the creative act of repairing and reinventing we embrace change and value what might otherwise be consigned to the rubbish tip. As we recognise the value and importance of living more sustainably we also come to see beauty in imperfection and the process of repair and regeneration.

We will begin by working with images (provided by me), exploring both the challenge you face and your hopes for the future. Those who wish can share their reflections. We will then go on to create anew out of our broken and found objects. I will provide art materials and recycled/found objects which will become part of our creations.

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Saturday 21 March 2-5.30pm