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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for Immunity

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have been used for thousands of years for maintaining health and the treatment of disease.  These pieces from the Classical Chinese Medicine world including something from the practitioners in Wuhan are well worth reading.

Moxibustion to acupuncture point St36

Here is a blog from Moxafrica about the application of moxa to acupuncture point St36. This method has been shown to increase lymphocytes and build host immunity. We now have high grade moxa available at the Centre for those who wish to use it, this will be given free of charge or by £1 donation if you are able.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Cordyceps, Coriolus, Reishi, Chaga etc.

These have been used as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for thousands of years for health. Much research has been done on the effects of medicinal mushrooms for building immunity, lowering viral load and enhancing health and well being. Mycology Research

5 Element Qi Gong Protection Exercise

Sarah recorded this Qi gong meditation in Canada 2 years ago for Pacific Rim College of Oriental medicine. This is an ancient Daoist Qi Gong method, that was used to as part of protection of the Wei Qi (defensive Qi) against external pathogenic factors. We would now like to make this available to everyone who would like it for free. Please download here.

General advice for Strengthening Immunity

Get more sleep

At least 8 hours and take naps if possible during the late afternoon 5-7pm (Kidney hours). Kidneys are the root of our life force and are affected by fear. Rest at this time to nourish Kidney Qi.

Some Chinese Medicine Dietary Tips

  • Cut out or limit foods that create Dampness and Phlegm – particularly sugar, alcohol, dairy products particularly cow milk and cheese made from cow milk
  • Eat warm foods rather than raw; the stomach and Spleen Yang are over taxed by too many raw foods. Eat broths, chicken soup and add medicinal mushrooms to these
  • Rice porridge or congee – very nourishing for the Spleen and Lung
  • Use liquorice root and ginger in tea and soups – to strengthen Spleen and help clear Damp
  • Soups and stews, with root vegetables – good for Spleen
  • Aromatic herbs to stimulate the Spleen – nutmeg, fennel, cinnamon, aniseed, black pepper, liquorice, cardamon, star anise
  • Drink plenty of green tea, ginger tea, and other fresh herbal teas such as sage, thyme and rosemary, peppermint, basil
  • Pears and pear juice – good for the Lungs
  • Rice – strengthens the Spleen
  • Damp clearing foods – radish, and pungent herbs i.e. onion family, garlic, leeks
  • Keep diet light, fresh, warm and full of fluids
  • To help the Lungs – liquorice, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, citrus peel
  • The Spleen likes regularity – keep your meals regular, and when you eat avoid reading, looking at phones, listening to news, just focus on eating (like a meditation)

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Walking

Move and breathe! Move and breathe!

Sing, dance and chant

Send loving kindness and the vibration of peace and healing

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