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Winter Colds, Flu symptoms

Treatment of the Flu at Home.

Homeopathic treatment of the flu is possible to at home, with your homeopathic remedy kit. The great thing about homeopathic treatment is, it’s perfectly safe, even for babies or those in a weakened condition. If you find the remedy you have chosen is not giving marked improvements, there’s no harm in switching to another remedy. If you are not getting the improvements you want, you can always call us for an “acute appointment” with one of our trained homeopaths.

Homeopathic Remedies for Influenza.

Lycopodium: if there is a sore throat, it feels better for warm drinks. They are bloated and gassy. They may have sinus congestion with blocked ears, especially the right side. Violent, spasmodic fits of coughing. It is difficult to expectorate. Rawness in the chest after coughing. Tightness in chest, may have difficulty breathing. Despite being chilly, they feel worse for a stuffy room and their breathing is better in cool air. They feel worse in the evening or between 4-8pm. They tend to be anxious, wanting attention and somebody about, yet they are peevish and irritable with those trying to help them. They are bossy and demanding and wake up in a bad mood.

Gelsemium: slow onset. The person needing this remedy feels weak, exhausted, apathetic. They may tremble or feel dizzy or unsteady. It is difficult to think or concentrate. Their eyelids feel heavy, they can barely keep them open. They want to be left alone because they are so tired, it takes so much effort to talk. Despite being tired, they have difficulty sleeping. They feel achy. They may have chills up and down their back. They are not thirsty and have a headache at the back of the head. Sensitive to drafts which cause shivering. Like Bryonia, they may have pain moving the eyes from side to side.

Belladonna: symptoms come on suddenly. Intense symptoms. High fever. Flushed face, dry skin, glassy eyes, pupils may be dilated. Intense heat however hands and feet are cold. Severe, throbbing headache, worse for light, jar, movement, noise. Throat appears bright red.

Aconite: symptoms come on suddenly and intensely. This remedy must be given within the first 24 hours of onset of symptoms. After 24 hours will most likely will need a different remedy. High fever. Anxious, anguish, restless, tossing about. Fear of death. Burning thirst for large quantities of cold water. Everything else tastes bitter. Face is flushed or alternating flushed and pale or one cheek hot and red, the other cold and pale. Pupils constricted.Hot, dry, skin. Cold hands and feet. Croupy cough; croup.

Pulsatilla: A person needing this remedy may have sinus congestion and body aches. They feel warm and better for fresh, open air. Cough is worse for a warm room better for fresh air. Cough is dry in the evening and at night, better for sitting up in bed and loose in the morning with yellow expectoration. They are not thirsty. Nose is running on open air, blocked in a warm room: yellow-green nasal discharges. They are clingy, weepy and want company, sympathy, attention and affection.

Spongia: dry, barking, croupy, cough, worse before midnight. Cough may sound like a seal barking. Cough may cause retching. Cough is better for warm drinks and eating, worse for cold drinks and excitement. Tickling and dryness in throat. Must clear throat frequently. Hoarseness. Fever with hot, flushed face. Anxious during fever. More or less yellow mucus, sometimes lumpy.

Bryonia: for flu with congestive headache worse for any motion, bending downward, even moving the eyes. Doesn’t want to move; better from being still; or slightly restless but movements hurt. Head colds that move down into the chest. Body aches, stitching pains. Dry, painful cough, hurts his head and ribs on coughing. Holds chest with hands on coughing. Can have dryness of eyes, mouth, lips, skin, mucus membranes. They are thirsty for large quantities of cold drinks. Tongue has a thick, white coating. More irritable than normal, especially when disturbed. They don’t want to speak or be spoken to. Answering questions annoys them. They want to be left alone and can be difficult to please. Worried about their business/work. Constipated. Scanty urine output compared to amount of fluid they drink.

Causticum: for intense dry, teasing, hollow cough. Cough from tickling in throat. Cannot cough deep enough to expectorate. Cannot lay down at night. Cough is better from drinking cold water. Urine may leak on coughing or sneezing. Body aches. Throat is hoarse. Chest feels raw or burning. They are upset when hearing about injustices, especially when it involves the suffering of children or animals.

Sulphur: Someone needing this remedy feels hot and is worse from the heat of the bed, they kick off the covers. Feet are hot and burning and they stick their feet out the covers. They are thirsty for cold drinks. Fits of coughing. Shortness of breathe. Appear dirty or disheveled. Reddish hue to face. Cheeks are red and circumscribed (like a doll), pale or one cheek is pale and the other red. Lips are dry and bright red (as if wearing lipstick). They tend to recover and then relapse unless a remedy is given. Great remedy when a cold or flu lingers for weeks.

Pyrogenium: similar to Belladonna, however symptoms are more severe. Symptoms come on suddenly, high fever, flushed, hot, sweaty, congested-looking. Foul smelling perspiration. Perspiration doesn’t reduce fever. Burning, oppressive heat, with sensitivity to drafts, causes shivering. Hands are hot (cold in Belladonna). Body aches, sensitive to pressure, very restless trying to get comfortable. Intense congestive, throbbing headaches, better for pressure. Violent sneezing caused by slightest draft. Nasal discharge is thick and gluey. Putrid taste. Talkative, excited in the evening, may have confusion or delirium. Difficulty sleeping due to overactive mind. Unpleasant dreams.”

Published in Homeopathy Plus, November 2019


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