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Sports Massage – Wednesdays 1-9.30pm

The photo to the right is Morag, our Sports massage practitioner,  doing a harnessed somersaulting aerial performance down Nelsons Column in the Trafalger Square celebration event for London getting the Olympics.

Sports Massage.

Sports Massage is for easing areas of tension in the soft tissues of the body – muscles, tendons and fascia.

There are many reasons this builds up, mainly our repetitive movements causing fatigue and imbalanced soft tissue tension in some areas. Imbalanced tension pulls our bones off centre which leads to joint injury and inefficient, tiring movement. Hence the need for it in active sports, dance and music where the body is repeating specific movements over long periods of time and needs to restore fluent efficient pain free motion or performance suffers or stops.

But many of our jobs and activities also demand lengthy periods of specific, repetitive motion: computer work, driving, childcare, hairdressing, car mechanics, nursing and so on. Just leading with our right or left hand continuously can skew our ribcage and affect our shoulders, lower back and hip. Some conditions like #EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) also create higher levels of tension in the tissues.

When we have an injury or a joint problem, we subtly alter the way we coordinate our movement. For example a damaged knee will lead us to hitch our pelvis up at one side to initiate walking, thus swinging the leg around rather than using our thigh and going through the knee as we walk, this avoids the pain in the knee but overworks our glut (butt) muscles which fatigue.

Our soft tissues need help to release built up tension and our skeleton needs to be evenly tensioned.

I use sports massage in an adaptive, specific way for each unique body, listening to the tissues, their unique tension patterns and their needs.

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