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Yoga Mini Treat Sun 7 Nov 10-1.30pm

Maintaining light in the dark

Honouring the transition from Autumn to Winter.

This mini retreat for women offers a range of sustaining yoga practises and ritual to embrace the dark half of the year and acknowlege the rhythm of the season, both within and without.

It’s time to enter your inner temple for reflection, pause, visioning and discovery.

Realign and rebalance.

Fee £45

Booking essential as there are limited spaces.


020 8853 5944

Celtic phases of the wheel last about 6-7 weeks and we can view them as both outer (reflective of Nature) and inner processes as we are part of Nature. There are recognisable changes.

We can also notice these seasons in our day to day lives. The Wheel gives us the opportunity to keep returning to the Centre so we can work with all the energies. They are all helpful ways to live a gentler life. Our PNS relaxes as we connect WITH Nature with -swimming, walking, gardening, stargazing, belly on Earth. We are so technological now. We need human connection to Nature otherwise there is a disconnect.

At the centre of the Wheel is our sovereignty. The invitation is to inhabit all the 8 wisdoms of the seasons. We may have particular preferences. For example, I used to only want the Summer. You may notice you also have preferences.

Now we have moved into the darkest phase of the year. Between Samhain & Winter Solstice. And also the dark half of the year Gyamos- between now & 29 April. Feminine.

The invitation of this phase is to step into the darkness, meet the Dark Goddess Caileach (CULYAK) (Crone). This time is her energy. Time of the void, uncertainty, not knowing. We also experience this energy in our day to day lives when we experience grief & loss-of loved one, job, relationship. Any unexpected disruptions which have the potential to throw us off balance.

An invitation to stay and surrender to the darkness of not knowing & uncertainty in our lives. Yet we fear the darkness-in Nature and within ourselves. The question to ask is “What needs to die in my life” Or if it seems too much to let go “can I loosen the grip of what I am holding onto?” If we are willing and able to answer the questions and let go we will face emptiness as we move towards the Winter Solstice. It is not easy yet there are deep treasures in the cauldron of void. There is the possibility of real transformation.

Need support for this. From the Earth, from other women. Women’s circles, yoga, etc. In Ayurveda this time of year is referred to as Vata. It is governed by the elements of Air & Ether. These elements connect to the subtle realms of our higher consciousness.

You may be drawn to other dark goddesses to support you such as Persephone, Hecate, Lillith, Immana, Medusa. However their stories have often been warped into a male heavy perspective.


10-1.30pm Sunday 7 November