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Why am I here? Finding your true purpose. Astrology wkshop 20 April


An astrological workshop designed to help you to understand your unique, special purpose and highest potential in this lifetime.

We all have a part to play that is ours alone. It feels like many of us are currently questioning our true purpose and going through a process of stripping back the layers of programming, expectations and conditioning to unearth and reveal the true core self – the original spark that we came into life with. It’s not so much about what we “should” be doing anymore, and more about what we feel called to do and what truly holds meaning for us.

The expression “Living your best life” is something that people say a lot these days and is not a coincidence – it is something that we are collectively striving for, to live a life that fulfils us and makes us truly happy, allowing us to express our full potential and live life on our own terms.

We are living in interesting, powerful and exciting times, and many are asking questions such as “Who am I, really?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is my true purpose?”, and “What have I come here to learn?”, “What would I be doing if I it wasn’t about survival?”, “What is my true calling?” “How can I live in greater alignment with my soul’s desires?”

The aim of this one-day workshop is to help you to navigate your natal chart and gain greater understanding of your deeper purpose here on earth and the main lessons you are here to learn. Often the hardest lessons and most painful experiences can help us reap the greatest rewards, prompting us toward our true potential, special gifts and purpose. We will explore the concept of purpose and explore your chart to discover what you are here for.

“Amy’s workshops are always loving and inspiring. With her talent for storytelling she brings astrology alive in a fun, creative and playful way. Sometimes she pounces on a detail, delivering the sort of spot-on insight that has given me goosebumps on more than one occasion. I know more about myself than before because of Amy’s workshops. She is a wise soul, and she brings her extensive knowledge of astrology, intuition and kindness to each event.” Charlotta, London



Space limited to 8 people.

For more information, or to book, contact Amy:

07510 141 033



Sat 20 April 10am - 4pm

Cost: £85 £75 if you book before 5 April