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Unwind: Evening Meditation and Candle Gazing

Unwind: Evening Meditation and Candle Gazing

Looking for space within yourself to find balance, harmony, focus and restore yourself at the end of a busy day?

Join this evening class and experience meditation in a space which invites you to unwind and relax. Suitable for beginners and all levels welcomed.

Meditation has many benefits to balance our mood and general health. Many studies have shown meditation as an extremely potent technique we all can access to improve our well-being, enhance our mood, helping us to appreciate life at a new level and manage stress and anxiety.

This class is specially designed and suitable for evenings and will represent your little escape oasis from your normal busy life. We will explore various meditation techniques such as mindfulness, concentration, visualisation, cultivating kindness, compassion and gratitude and many more.

We will have little light and candles to create a warm and welcoming space for everyone. This type of meditation is very beneficial because when we’re switching off the lights we actually switch off 80% of our sensorial experience, allowing our brain to process just a small amount of stimulus. The brain waves move to Theta which is a state of deep relaxation which allows the mind space to quieten.

Between the benefits of the meditation at candlelights, we can count:

– stress and pain reduction,

– deep relaxation,

– creativity,

– clarity & productivity,

– better sleep,

– better control in addictive behaviours such as eating disorders and addictions

Please note: we will not sit in complete darkness as this can be overwhelming for some people, we will sit in little light accompanied by candles which will make the perfect calm setup for our session.

The session will be hosted by Amelia Miraut who is a meditation teacher, wellness coach and holistic health practitioner. Her initiation in meditation was a deep personal experience which helped her to manage stress and anxiety and overcome stressful situations in her life. Experiencing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness she is now passionate about sharing it with other people. You can find more about Amelia on her website

To book please follow the link or contact Amelia at

Drop-ins welcomed.

Concessions available, for more details contact Amelia.


6 - 7pm
Starting 5 March