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Tony Pletts

Sarah and Tony Pletts have been exploring love together in relationship for 23 years. In losing parents at an early age Tony had an early introduction to Loss. Over the last few years loss has been an increasingly profound teacher for him, both in exploring traditional therapies and more esoteric pathways.

Professionally since 1987 he has been managing director of Einstein’s Octopus Ltd. His company specialises in art direction, set building, model making and special effects for the film & music industry, events and exhibitions. He is used to handling challenging situations.

He has also travelled extensively (to over 60 countries) and found himself exploring many different cultures and belief systems. He has been published as a travel photographer & writer and made and presented two series for BBC Radio 4, one about tourism in North Korea, the second about staying with Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Western Mongolia with his son.

Tony loves to dance wildly, feed ducks, connect with friends from aroud the world, and consumes film and theatre with a passion.  He is not afraid to go on external and internal journeys.