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Time Line Therapy

Have you ever had a disturbing or negative experience happen to you? Perhaps this experience occurred recently or may have been long ago, yet the emotions and thoughts associated with this experience continue to affect you. These types of negative thoughts and emotions are the sources of misery and suffering in so many of us. We desperately want these thoughts and emotions to go away. Sometimes we may try to forget about them or keep busy just so we don’t have to think about them and feel the associated bad emotions. These negative emotions can include anger, hurt, embarrassment, sadness, grief, low self-esteem, fear, confidence, anxiety, guilt, jealousy or stress.

Is there any way out? The answer is YES! Time Line Therapy™ is the door to emotional freedom! Using the latest understanding of the unconscious mind, there is now a way to release those negative thoughts and emotions so they no longer have a hold on you.

Time Line Therapy™ is a process which assists us to let go of negative emotions from the past, let go of limiting decisions from the past and create a stronger future. Time Line Therapy™ helps you trace a particular negative feeling, belief or limiting decision back to the first time in memory that it can be found and gets rid of the negative emotions associated with it. With the negative emotions gone, you are free to enjoy life once more without the worry of those negative emotions returning. Finally, having resolved the unresolved issues in the past, Time Line Therapy™ offers a specific way of creating our future goals through a simple process which produces results. This involves using our imagination to create a compelling future that is motivating and brings about the desired outcomes.

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