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Sylvia Wingens

Sylvia Wingens 

Originally from Germany I have been living in London for almost 20 years. My background is in financial services where I worked for over a decade. While working in the City in a high-pressured environment I started to question the course of my life. That was the time when I discovered meditation and Buddhism.

Training at the Karuna Institute was a natural step for me to move towards a more integrated life style aligned with my values.

My regular meditation practice and study of Buddhist teachings has helped me to develop my awareness, find more joy and to connect with the deeper meaning of life.


Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is a mindful and contemplative approach to psychotherapy developed at the Karuna Institute. The approach combines Western modalities and Buddhist principles to deepen awareness.

The focus of the therapeutic work is accessing our inherent health and wisdom rather than pathology. The work is done in the spirit of non-judgement and gentle enquiry.

I trained directly under Maura Sills, the founder of Core Process Psychotherapy.


How I work as a Holistic Psychotherapist

My interest is to develop awareness of the ‘here and now’, and to discover what it tells us about how we are in relationship to others, the world and ourselves.

Core Process therapy is a relational model. I work in partnership enquiring together into habitual patterns we enact in the present.

Another focus is exploring the space where mind and body meet. They are not separate. The body knows. It is helpful to explore the felt-sense in the body as well as cognitive understanding.

I work holistically. There is scope within the sessions to discover what meaning you make of your life, and the questions which arise from this.


Training, Qualifications and Experience
Master’s Degree in Mindfulness based Psychotherapy, Meditation Teacher, EMDR Practitioner (in accreditation process), EFT Practitioner (in accreditation process),  Master’s Degree of Arts, Theatre and German Literature



£40 for 50 minutes initial session

£60 for 50 minutes weekly sessions

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Please contact Sylvia directly on:

07767 132 045

Please leave a text/email if miss your call and I shall make telephone contact with you the next working day (Monday-Friday) on the number you leave within your email message/text.