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Suzanne Michal

Suzanne Michal

Suzanne’s spiritual and healing work emerges from her own journey of surrendering her life to expansion, evolution and ascension. This daring surrendering aligned her with her sensitive gifts of psychic and mystical awareness of energy, consciousness and multi-dimensions.

Her workshops aim to empower others to listen to the calling of their Higher Selves. Her one to one sessions focus around bringing an understanding and shift of the emotional and energy patterns held in her clients’ aura, chakras, mind and body for their self-healing and well-being empowerment.

Suzanne trained at the College of Psychic Studies, is a qualified Reiki practitioner, a qualified Soul Plan Reader and is currently training to become a Chi Gong teacher in the Water Method lineage. Since 2010, she has been studying with Dr Joe Dispenza applied neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetic, meditation into high brain frequencies and pineal gland activation.

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