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Sound Circle Meditation – Monthly 7 – 8.15pm

Come and find an hour and a quarter of stillness in a guided sonic meditation. Experience this beautifully simple ‘way-in’ to meditation and powerful self-healing.

The sound circle is a place to re-connect with your breath, where we link breath to body & voice.

We gently move through a guided relaxation, sound chakra opening and sonic meditation into free-sounding; where we work as a group to create a sonic pool of sound and cell vibration in which no one voice is heard alone, as each voice helps create the group sound.

Sounding helps release stress & holdings, boosts positivity and creates a beautiful, powerful, energy in the room; which is absorbed at the end of the class as we sit in the silence of, and absorb, the sonic vibrations.

Remember how to breathe and free your true voice.

Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual.

The sound circle is run by Judith – a natural healer and qualified massage therapist who has been working with sound since 2008; both benefiting from receiving sound healing and incorporating sound into her healing practices.

As a professional actress and vocal confidence coach, she understands the power of the voice and encourages you to use yours to release tensions and access meditation.

Sounding is not singing; there is no right or wrong note!

Previous attendees testimonies:
“Amazing. Walked out with a spring in my step. Cleansing, empowering, fun, expressive, nurturing.”

 “The energy we created as a group is palpable and strong and very beautiful. This last time I went away with a feeling that something had really changed inside for me, though it’s hard to verbalise what that is!”
“Very well led meditation & workshop…I found it cleared my thinking and helped me sleep better that night”

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Friday 24 May and 28 June
7 - 8.15pm