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Restorative Yin Yoga – Wed 10.30am

This class brings a restorative emphasis to yin yoga, so we will be using lots of bolsters and blankets to enable you to let go in comfort and with ease. Expect a deep, mindful practice, offering the opportunity to rest in simple, accessible postures for a luxurious amount of time, enabling a long, slow extension of the body, unwinding compacted fascia and unknotting and releasing muscles. You will be invited to look inwards and foster awareness of what’s happening in all of you through your body.

This is a relaxing and revitalising form of yoga offering a chance to slow down, pay attention and focus on yourself.

Beginners and experienced yogis of all ages welcome. No fitness or flexibility required, just a willingness to be present to breath,
sensations, emotions and thoughts as they arise and dissolve.

For more information or to book your place, please contact Jess Glenny on:



Wednesday 10.30am-12pm

Six-class block-booking card: £72 / £60 low income / £36 financial hardship (limited number available).
One class: £14 / £12 low income / £7 financial hardship (limited number available)