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Pregnancy Yoga Saturdays 10:00-11:00

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These specific classes of pregnancy yoga are suitable for women with a little, a lot or no previous experience of yoga, from minimum of 14 weeks pregnant and onwards.

Muscles are toned without strain, internal space is created, posture is improved, fatigue combated, stress and anxiety relieved, emotions stabilised and the endocrine system rebalanced. Relaxation and breathing techniques teach how to release tension from mind and body and are extremely useful tools to take into labour! The opportunity is given for communication and bonds to be strengthened between mother and baby and the benefits of mobility, positioning, sound and breath are explored to be used as techniques to use in labour, helping women to approach labour with more confidence and courage, particularly first time mothers.

Classes also include nutritional suggestions or lifestyle recommendations for alleviating “common pregnancy ailments”. This could mean anything from sciatica to varicose veins, high or low blood pressure to heartburn, to name just a few. Other conditions such as pelvic girdle pain and your teacher will know how to teach women presenting with this condition by offering alternative or modified practices to suit the individual. Techniques are taught to encourage awareness of both movement and breath. This more subtle, but no less effective, approach, avoiding jolting and jarring, also gives rise to a quieter mind, which is so important when unaccountable anxieties and fears arise from time to time.

A great way to connect with other local women.

Booking essential as there are limited spaces. For more information or to book please contact Bernadette:

020 8853 5944


Saturdays 10:00-11:00