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Paola Filotico

Paola Filotico, Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes life throws things at us and we find it hard to cope. Sometimes everything seems to be well, and still, we are unhappy. There are times when we feel haunted by our past, and times when we just don’t understand some parts of ourselves – thoughts, emotions, or even physical pain. It can all feel like an overwhelming blur.

It is hard to face such inner struggles: perhaps we have never been taught that it is possible to take care of our mind, or perhaps we were never given the necessary tools to do so. We can learn, and I will help you deal with the journey, so to make sense of your experience, and find new directions and meaning.

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist with 13 years of experience working in mental health, bothinthe publicand the private sector. My focus is on understandingyour problems in the context of your unique experience as a human being; clinical labelling can be done if you wish so, but it will not be my priority.

Among other problems, I can help if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Sadness
  • Loss of pleasure in things
  • Self-accusation and self-blame
  • Being in physical pain without an apparent medical reason
  • Frequent feelings of shame and guilt
  • Sleep problems
  • Irritation without knowing why
  • Feeling emotionally affected by political uncertainty
  • Preoccupation about the climate crisis
  • Difficulty at being with others
  • Worrying a lot about different things
  • Fear of the future
  • Not seeing the point in life
  • Being exhausted without knowing why
  • Having many unpleasant and disturbing thoughts that you can’t get rid of
  • Feeling that you are losing control
  • Worrying a lot about your health
  • Preoccupation around eating

What to expect

It can be difficult to decide whether someone is the right person to help us, even more so in times of distress: be in touch for a 20 minutes free telephone consultation, or via email, to discuss your difficulties, and see how we can move forward. Telephone is preferable as it gives you an opportunity to experience the interpersonal relationship with me, and see if it can work for you.

As a Clinical Psychologist I am trained in various evidence based therapeutic approaches that I can use ad hoc during your therapy, depending on your needs. I like to have a collaborative attitude, and to have you actively involved in your treatment if you wish to be.

If after the initial consultation you decide to continue working with me, we will meet for an assessment. This can take one or two sessions, depending on the nature of your difficulties and your history, and it will give us a chance to know what we want to work on and make an initial plan. Depending on your problems and preferences, we can focus on a specific issue and agree on a set number of sessions, or we can consider therapy as an open ended, existential process, with an explorative focus. As therapy is a process of change, plans around it can change too, so we will regularly review them according to your needs: for example, an initially long-term therapy could become shorter, and vice versa.

I offer psychotherapy in English and Italian.

A number of reduced fees slots are available for students and for those on lower incomes.

I am an Italian Clinical psychologist registered with both the HCPC and the Italian Council of Psychologists.

I worked for the Italian Health Care System, as well as in various NHS Mental Health Services.

For more information or to book an appointment:
07943 784 408
Session times
Thursdays 1pm – 5pm