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Ntathu Allen

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Ntathu Allen

Ntathu Allen is a qualified Sivananda yoga teacher and meditation teacher. She specialises in teaching gentle yoga and meditation for stress relief, healing and inner wellbeing.

Ntathu first got into yoga in 1991 when pregnant with her eldest daughter.  Ntathu’s midwife advised her to “learn how to relax” as she was stressed and always tired from working at that time, as a Probation Officer in a challenging inner city borough of London.

In 2003, Ntathu travelled to India to train as a Sivannada Yoga Teacher at the Kerala Ashram in India. It was a life transforming experience and in 2004 she resigned from the Probation Service to set up her own yoga, meditation and wellness business.

Ntathu now teaches super-busy people who want to live a calm, healthy and simpler life and her aim is to help you learn how to relax, reduce stress and find calm in your busy day– so you can stop rushing around and feeling overwhelmed and enjoy a more positive, pleasurable and peaceful day (even if you are swamped with work!)

She shares her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation through her inspirational and spiritual range of  ezine articles, blogs and  Kindle eBooks and offers private yoga and meditation lessons as well as corporate and community based classes and workshops.

Ntathu believes that taking time out of your busy schedule to relax, reduce stress and reenergise helps you stay calm and ride the ups and downs of daily life with in an easy, healthy and relaxed way.

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