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Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

Neurokinetic therapy (NKT) was developed by David Weinstock in San Fransisco. This brilliant concept of modified muscle testing enables muscle patterns to be assessed and compensations to be understood. Traditional therapy often favours releasing tight joints and massaging sore muscles, however this approach fails to understand why they are working so hard in the first place and often results in chasing pain instead of its cause. If a joint manipulation helps for a couple of days, but then stiffness starts to return, then the joint is restricted for a reason. NKT provides a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that helps to understand the root cause of these poor movement patterns and instantaneous feedback that guides your journey to pain free movement.

What to Expect from Your First Treatment

Your structure is a reflection of your unique journey through life.

By taking the time to understand the road map that has led you here, I can then understand why your body has chosen its strategy to function and how it’s onion ring of compensations are serving you.

The beauty is in the seemingly insignificant detail that unlocks the why and creates your solution.

During the consultation I will encourage you to retell your story (both past and present), before mapping your skeleton in 3 dimensions, scanning your feet, assessing you osteopathically and assessing you in movement.

How am I different?

In order to achieve unconventional results I believe it is necessary to adopt unconventional strategies and this begins with the consultation. Over the space of 90 minutes we will explore why your body has chosen to function as it has. Your aching muscle or joint is more often than not the over worked, under paid and under thanked part of your body. Instead of  blaming it  I endeavour to uncover the reason why it is having to work so hard. If you hit your finger with a hammer every day, rubbing your finger may offer temporary pain relief, however removing the hammer would create a space for the body to heal. I am interested in your pain, however I am more interested in why you have pain.  The destination is the same but the journey is very different.

What do I do?

I take the time to investigate your pain, the reason why it is there and remove the barriers that are preventing your body from healing itself.

What do you do?

The rest…..


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