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Nathalie Evans

Nathalie Evans

Nathalie has been in practice for more than 30 years. She first trained as a beauty therapist at Jeanne Gatineau Paris and then decided to venture out and learn different massage techniques. After moving to Hong Kong, Nathalie developed her holistic approach with aromatherapy, and then healing with Reiki.

She first discovered Reiki in 1994 with Deborah Chan in Hong Kong and her passion has been Reiki ever since. After moving to London in 1996, she passed her level-2 diploma.

In 2021 Nathalie went onto to become a powerful Reiki Master Teacher.  She constantly develops her techniques, reading books, and creates her own symbiosis with aura oils, gemstones, Tibetan singing bowl, and interpreting her reading, using her pendulum for specific questions and reading Angels cards.

Nathalie uses her extensive experience and training to create her own unique symbolistic fusion of western and eastern massage styles, reading your body to provide a holistic and healthy treatment.  Her holistic massages have their own signature with either hot stones, aroma Thai balls, or therapeutic massage – which is a blend of techniques to treat all your problems.

Nathalie has worked in Paris, Monaco, Hong-Kong and London, in professional Spas and in physiotherapist and osteopathic, and French dermatologist clinics.

Certificate Professional Aesthetic-Cosmetic (CAP – Paris)
A.I.M.D.L.A Lymphatic Drainage (Paris)
I.P.R.P Reflexology (Paris)
iMFT Integrated Myofascial Therapy FHT (Level 3)
Aromatherapy – Eve Taylor (Hong Kong)
Reiki Master Teacher (London)


Therapies Offered

Reiki treatments adults and children\babies- Reiki courses level 1&2

Hot Stones Healing Massage

Signature Aroma Thai-Ball Massage

Renewing Full Body Massage

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