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Monthly New Moon Women Circle – set meaningful intentions for a fulfilled life

The Moon women circle will take place under the new moon energy of each month with an intention to hold a safe space for women to connect with their inner wisdom, set intentions for the upcoming month and learning to let-go of what doesn’t serve them anymore.
Women have always gathered together and the energy they create while they get together it’s powerful and magic. The days before and after New Moon are the most powerful to enhances this energy and make space for creation.
As women we are creative beings and we care our purpose on our lives. Creating our life starts with the simple fact of visualising what’s right for us, what we wish to have and feel and what what we need to let go of. This circle will hold the perfect space for you to reflect and set intentions.
When women meet at evening time under the New Moon, magic happens.
What will happen:
– We will all sit in a circle on the floor to honour the power of the circle which symbolises the whole and the human connection with the Universe.
– An introduction of us, the evening, the moon
–  Guided meditation which will help you connecting to yourself and open your heart.
– Setting intentions: we will explore together how to set powerful and soulful intentions for the upcoming month and we will  our lives. We will use silent reflections and writing as a first physical expression of our desires and needs.
– Sharing circle – we will share the thoughts we feel to share with women in the group, in a safe an open space. The power of words and sound makes our manifestation stronger.
– Closing circle
We will share healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts.
The circle will be led by Amelia who is a coach, meditation teacher and artist and she will create a soulful intention setting session to help you unleashing your inner vision, connect with your intuition and manifest your reality for the upcoming month.
Booking essential, for more information or to book a class contact Amelia on:


Monthly. The first Moon circle will be on 15 March 2018
7pm - 8.30pm