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Mindfulness for Life and Stress-Relief Mini Retreat – 22 September

If you seek balance and an efficient method to release stress and learn to live serene and peaceful, join me for a calm and relaxing Saturday afternoon to learn how to apply mindfulness in your life.

Our busy lives rarely allow us to have a personal space for breathing, finding inner peace and creating calm. But this can be changed from inside out.

This workshop is about learning to live mindfully, to release the busyness of your mind, learning how to let go of pain and suffering and creating space for calm and serenity.

You will discover your inner power to embrace happiness within you, to make peace with your worries, improve your relationships by cultivating kindness and allowing yourself to live life at ease.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Easy steps to apply mindfulness in your day to day life.
  • How to still your busy mind and learn to allow yourself to embrace silence.
  • Meditation techniques and how to choose the meditation type that feels right for you.
  • How to cultivate kindness and improve your relationships

What you should expect

  • Meditate and learn different styles of meditation.
  • Learn practical tools to apply in your life
  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Relax

Tea/coffee offered.

A little bit about your host:

I am Amelia and I am a wellness coach, mindfulness guide, and an artist. I discovered mindfulness while I was fighting with my own anxiety and I felt amazed how much peace and wisdom mindfulness brought into my life. Being grateful for the benefits I gained practising mindfulness, I started to share the gift of mindfulness with people who are curious and willing to embrace it.

Bonus: All participants will receive a FREE 1 on 1 – 30 minutes coaching session with me which will be booked separately – face to face or via Skype.

Booking essential, for more information or to book a class contact Amelia on:

Or to book online, click here


22 September - 3:30-6:30pm