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Empowered Labour Workshop – ONLINE NOW

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Empowered Labour

Pelvises are like a set of fingerprints!

Although similar in many ways they are also unique to each individual.

By familiarising yourself with the shape of your own pelvis, choices can be made regarding which positions and movements you use throughout labour & birth that work with your unique structure. Thus optimising the space available to birth your baby.

The positions you use throughout the day and night in the last trimester can also encourage or discourage your baby into the optimal fetal position. Alignment matters!

In these workshops we also explore the impact that muscle tension has on reducing space, increasing the perception of pain and wasting valuable energy.

So by simple, effective use of the breath, visualisation & positions suitable for your own pelvis you can feel empowered to help normalise the labour & birthing process ,in simple yet highly effective ways.

Booking essential as there are limited spaces. For more information or to book please contact Bernadette:

020 8853 5944