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Kym Vincenti

Kym Vincenti

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Kyms entire focus is working with the body as a whole to align the mind, body & spirit. She trained at the Om Shanti Yoga School in the Himalayas and has combined her yoga teaching skills with her energy healing and CBT training to design a style called ‘EnYoga’. She says …

“ Each and every individual is unique in the way they think, feel and move, so there is no one size fits all approach. I tailor my classes to the people in it. Helping them to clear and align their energy to maximise their class experience and get the most benefit from it. Each class begins with energy work to clear any negative or stagnant energy, moves into a yoga practice that reinforces good energy as it flows and ends with a guided meditation to support positivity and the feel goods. Often, I will incorporate chakra cleansing and balancing within this class if I feel anyone needs it.

I’m a very hands on yoga teacher as my wonderful Yogi Dinesh, taught me to teach not just show (his words). Guidance and gentle corrections enhance the practice and help your flexibility and strength to grow in natural alignment with your joints and muscles.

Most people are walking around out of alignment and while they feel there is something not quite right, they’re not sure what to do about it. It’s a bit like trying to tune in a car radio – that frustrating noise as it struggles to find the perfect balance and then when it does, everything becomes crystal clear. That is what I help you do, tune into your unique vibration. Balance you so that you can go through life in greater health and happiness. “

In her business, Bellibone, Kym runs yearly retreats abroad, day retreats in the UK, and she works one to one or in small groups to help clients develop a healthier lifestyle through food intolerance testing, meal planning, yoga, mindset & confidence boosting and helping them tune into their own spiritual gifts.

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