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Kirtan – 18th June

Devotional chanting, or Kirtan as it is more often called, is a unique meditative practice. It originated in India and has become increasingly popular in the west.

Kirtan is singing from the heart and no one cares what you sound like!

At a kirtan, all voices merge together to become One Voice. It is an effortless, simple and joyous way to meditate together. The mantras/chants in sacred languages like Sanskrit and Aramaic raise the spirits, lifting and carrying you in the flow of repetitive melody & rhythm.

A powerful collective experience in raising consciousness.

“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.”

All voices welcome, no experience necessary!


Saturday 18th June
6.30 - 8.00pm

£16 Feeling abundant
£10 Feeling the pinch