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Keith Dorrington

Keith Dorrington

Keith Dorrington is a fully certified Master in Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ and NLP. Using his extensive knowledge and training, he specialises in relieving stress and anxiety and is dedicated to working with his clients to make positive transformations in all areas of their lives.

Keith says: “We all have to deal with stress at one point or another, but it’s the way we deal with it that makes all of the difference in the world. You’ve experienced this yourself, and you’ve probably seen other people in equally stressful situations who are able to deal with stress in such a way that it barely affects them. Yet you can’t seem to shake free of even the slightest stressful situation that comes your way. Do you ever wonder what makes YOU so different from THEM? 
The power of the mind is an incredible tool and when you finally learn how to control the “flow” of stress and anxiety, and subsequently, “FILTER” it out of your system, you will never again have to worry about stress or anxiety taking over. By tapping into a small segment of your minds ability to handle situations, you can learn exactly how to prevent stress and anxiety from ever taking control of your mind and body again”.

Keith also has experience in treating anger, guilt, lack of confidence, sadness, poor self-esteem, fear of public speaking, generalised fear, negative body image, depression, hurt, phobias, sports performance, anger management, stress, addictions, weight loss, stop smoking, blushing and much more.

He will work with you to achieve fast results and give you techniques that you can use at home or at work which will help you move forward, enriching your life and well being. With the right mental attitude, you can achieve anything!

Away from work, Keith has a keen interest in health and fitness and enjoys setting himself physical challenges. He regularly takes part in various triathlon, cycling and running events – his finest achievement to date is successfully completing the Ironman UK Triathlon in 2007.

FREE 30 min initial consultation.

Also, for every five people you refer to Keith, you get a Free 1 hour session!


1 Session = £150
Sessions are 1.5 Hours)

Package One
Three Sessions = £400 (£50 Savings)

Package Two

Six Sessions = £750 (£150 Savings)

Package Three

Eight Sessions = £950 (£250 Savings)

Package One
Starter Package

This three session package delivers fast results while addressing specific emotional events, triggers and memories. Recommended for grief, loss, phobias, divorce, etc.

Package Two
Deep Change Package

This six session package goes deeper and allows time to completely eliminate multiple emotional triggers and drivers. Recommended for trauma, abuse, depression, sexual issues or weight loss.

Package Three
PTSD or Addiction Package

This eight session package is excellent for individuals who have extensive issues and want to make massive changes. This package is recommended for pain, addictions and/or severe PTSD trauma or abuse.

Stop Smoking Package

1.5 Hour Session = £300

Clinic Times
Thursday evenings 5.30–9.30pm

For further information or to book an appointment

Please contact Keith directly on:

07764 580438