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Jolanta Culpan

Jolanta Culpan

MBACP NCS MHS RTT Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

I spent over 20 years in business taking on various roles: from managerial to secretarial and in between. During that time, I learnt to listen, give space, grow my self-awareness, tune in, understand and propose rather than impose. I witnessed and experienced the effects of stress, anxiety, body pain, lack of sleep. I learnt to deal with the pain of loss, helplessness, regret, rejection, sense of emptiness and disappointment. And I also learnt that the only choice we don’t have is not to choose.

Although it can be hard to take the first step, it is not worth waiting for motivation or some special ‘feel like’ to kick in, because it may never come.

I will respect your dignity, confidentiality and uniqueness of your situation. I am passionate and confident about freeing you of limitations – you will (re)discover and enjoy life feeling liberated and empowered.

It will be my privilege to hear your story.

Thank you for your trust.




I apply hypnotherapy in resolving addictions, compulsions, anxiety, fears, physical pain, panic attacks, sleep and weight issues. Psychotherapy is always part of our therapeutic work and takes at least 4 sessions, in particular dealing with depression, loss, general anxiety, low energy, motivation, obsessions, identity, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts.

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