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Jess Glenny

Jess Glenny
Yoga Register Teacher (Elder), certified yoga therapist, Registered Somatic Moveent Educator / Therapist, PhD

Jess Glenny has been practising yoga since 1981 and teaching since 2003. She is a Yoga Register Teacher (Elder), a certified Phoenix Rising yoga therapist, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. She also facilitates dance movement and mentors yoga teachers.

Jess, says, “For me, whatever arises in my body is a gateway into deepening and expansion. When we remove the labels from our physical experience and tune into the body on a subtle level, we become aware that our physical ‘limitations’, our injuries, difficulties and imbalances, are our greatest opportunities for becomng healthy, whole human beings. We expand into this wholeness through the commitment to stay present to our experience, as much as we can, without manipulating, editing or suppressing it. Each of our experiences comes to us as the seed of a blessing, as an invitation to wake up to unexpected new possibilities for being. Yoga practice offers us a way to receive that blessing.”

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