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Healing Meditation Circle – Thursdays Fortnightly


A much-needed sanctuary and community circle for expression, connection and healing

Join a safe space and be a part of a supportive and nourishing group dynamic whilst also benefiting from the healing power of crystals and meditation

What happens in the circle

  • Confidentiality agreement, creating a safe space
  • Icebreaker and check in with messages from fun oracle cards
  • Share joys, fears, worries, feelings and be heard
  • Set an individual intention for the session and receive a crystal to support you
  • Relax into a guided channelled group meditation with your healing gem stone which will also enhance your meditation experience
  • Receive information, clarity, release, healing, stillness and or guidance from the meditation
  • Note down any reflections or information that you want to take away with you
  • Share any thoughts or feelings from your experience and feel free to chip in to support others

The intention of setting up this circle

​The intention is to create a fairly regular core group of people that come together to strengthen and develop through these sessions, so we can truly feel nourished and held by the powerful co-creation that takes place in such group dynamics, together with the healing power of crystals, meditation and the facilitator’s combined skill set.

Renata the facilitator is a trained therapist and healer and uses her counselling, theta energy healing and crystal healing skills to create this beautiful, supportive and nourishing space. A much-needed sanctuary and community circle for expression, connection, healing and support in her local community and busy London.


  • peace
  • calmness
  • creativity
  • healing
  • wisdom
  • guidance
  • connection
  • expression
  • group support
  • personal development​



07930 596 251



Every fortnight - 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

1 session £15
4 sessions £48 (valid for 3 months)