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Chinese Medicine Therapies – Saturday Mornings

Hello and welcome to my first blog-post at the Blackheath Complementary Health Centre.

My name is Truus Jansen and I started working here in September as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner on Saturday mornings. I throughly enjoy my time at the Centre and am learning different skills and come across different approaches to Acupuncture, TuiNa, Auricular and wellbeing in general with so many different practitioners and disciplines.

The biggest difference with other places where I work, I would say is the knowledge of the clients coming to the Blackheath Health Centre. You are all far more aware of the preventative measures Chinese medicine can bring to your own health and you are aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure and so you are more inclined to make our practise part of your regular routine.

I work for example at the rugby club in West Ham and deal with a lot of injuries and headaches due to training or games, but just mentioning that the players might take it a bit easier is usually frowned upon with a ‘see you again soon doc!’ on leaving. Or at another one of my practises where, amongst others, post-stroke patients come after somebody (usually a nurse) has told them when nothing else has worked, that acupuncture has shown some good results. And generally mental health issues which are on the increase with more and more people being sent home with prescriptions they do not necessarily want to take only. All of these clients mostly wish that they would have come much sooner, or that they would have been able to access a Health Centre focussed on complementary health sooner.

I think one of my clients when she came for treatment at Blackheath summorised it very well: ‘I really do matter here, don’t I!’

Hopefully I will see you on a Saturday morning to discuss your welbeing and treatment soon.

Warm regards,

Truus Jansen

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