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Aurore Dauger

Aurore Dauger

I have been qualified as a massage therapist since 2018 from the London School of Massage.

I provide at home services as well as working for large companies (e.g., Bumble, Zego, Focal Agent, Uki Media Events), providing chair massage and various other treatments.

I also work for the NHS at the University College London Hospitals (UCLH), supporting members of staff and patients with massage therapies. I am a member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) where all registrants have agreed to be bound by the highest standards of conduct, are professionally trained and fully insured.

My practice of yoga and kung fu helps me to have comprehensive understanding of body mechanics.

Since 2018, I have deepened my knowledge of massage practices by passing certifications for Sports massage, tailoring the treatment to your needs:

Swedish massage (ITEC level 4)
I’m working on superficial layers of muscles and use kneading techniques with light to medium pressure, for general relaxation, tension release and mental health improvement.

Deep tissue (ITEC level 4)
Perfect to release tensions, pains, knots and improve body posture. Helps on tissue’s dysfunction (chronic pain due to injury or posture, impaired blood circulation, inactivity, stress and anxiety), to manage pain and increase range of motion. Deep tissue massage works to lengthen and relax muscles at a deeper layer than Swedish massage.

Sports massage (ITEC level 3, Hons)
For those in need of something most energetic. The aim is to reduce muscular tension, discomfort and pain while helping the muscles to recover quicker by using deep tissue techniques, stretching and compression movements. By focusing on muscles groups that may have been overuse during the exercise, we prevent the body from exhaustion and overuse injuries.

Pregnancy massage
In a comfortable position for both mother and baby, pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and bonding, soothes nerves, and relieves a strained back and tired muscles in expectant mothers. It improves blood and lymphatic circulations easing discomfort to prevent or lower sciatic pain, leg cramps, headaches, swelling.

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