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Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter

Andrew is a Chiropractor who has been registered with the General Chiropractic Council since 2002. He trained at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic. McTimoney Chiropractic is a gentle and effective method of adjusting the bones of the body and is often used in cases of back, neck and other joint pain.

In addition to Chiropractic, Andrew also uses soft tissue techniques that he studied with Michael Leahy DC, the founder of Active Release Techniques (ART) and Leon Chaitow DO (internationally respected Osteopath and author).

Andrew helps patients understand how their posture and habits of movement (for example in sitting, bending and lifting) are contributing to the cause or persistence of their condition. Posture and the activation and control of the muscular system may also be improved by means of specific corrective exercises.

The skeletal adjustments of McTimoney Chiropractic, supported by soft tissue work and corrective exercise, are an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to recover and maintain their musculoskeletal health.

Clinic Times

Mondays 1-9pm