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After Birth – a 5 week course supporting mothers in their new life

After Birth

A 5 week course for mothers with babies 1-6 months.  Due to space and the personal nature of the topics covered, the course is limited to 6 mothers and their babies.  Over the course of five weeks, mothers will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience of becoming a parent and share their highs and lows with an intimate and supportive group.  Through guided discussion and individual stories, mothers will find they are not alone in their contradictory feelings of joy, sadness, excitement, exhaustion, anticipation, fear…….

Mothers and their babies will be warmly welcomed into a space set up for their comfort and needs.  Hot drinks and nibbles play an important part in providing a space for mothers to concentrate on their needs for a couple hours.  Each session will be supplemented with an email message containing a review of the session and any documents, articles, evidence, or services mentioned within the session.  At the conclusion of the course, mothers will have access to an online repository of all resources used and/or mentioned during the course to use at any time.

Guided by a trained postnatal leader, mothers will gain confidence in their ability to address change and make decisions for themselves, their baby, and their family. They will explore how relationships change with the arrival of a baby and create strategies to weather those changes.

Developmental milestones of both baby and mother are explored and discussed along with the mother’s feelings and concerns linked to those milestones. 

Throughout the five weeks, mothers will have the opportunity to reflect on and share their feelings and potential concerns around their changing identity and role. Special attention will be given to identifying if/when to seek help and where to access support for mental health concerns for both themselves and their partner.

Sessions are loosely planned around a general theme (see below) with space for opening up discussion to other topics of interest to the attending mothers. 


This theme explores the expectations of parenthood before birth and the reality in which new parents now find themselves.  In this discussion, parents are invited to think about what came before the birth of their child and start to imagine how life might look now that they have a child. 


This theme explores what is developmentally appropriate for infants in terms of sleep and crying and allows new parents to manage their expectations and develop strategies to cope with the early days of parenthood. This theme also allows parents to think about ‘advice’ and how to approach decision making for themselves and their family.


This theme allows parents to explore how their relationships are affected by their new identity.  This includes their partner as well as extended family, friends, and colleagues. This theme empowers parents to think about how they might protect and nurture important relationships during this challenging time of transition.


Similar to ‘Mission: Possible’ this theme looks at general developmental milestones for babies alongside parental milestones.  Parents have the opportunity to think about how they are nurturing themselves.  They will explore how and when to seek help in order to ensure good mental health.


This theme gives parents the opportunity to think about what they want for their future and develop strategies around self-care and returning to work (or not).

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Wednesday 10am-12pm,
28 August, 4, 11,18, 25 September

£75 for the course