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Amelia Miraut

Amelia Miraut

Amelia is a qualified life coach, a colour therapist, meditation guide and an artist, passionate about stress-relief methods and living mindfully and she is excited to integrate all of this beautiful information in the programs and sessions she creates. As a former finance professional she used to work in the corporate world for 15 years, investing plenty of her time in career, being qualified up to master level and achieving a leadership role but she ended up with high levels of stress and anxiety, panic and being burned-out. She went through a self-healing exploratory process herself using many of the art&colour therapy techniques combined with meditation, mindfulness and reflections and working on her own healing and becoming the person who she is now.

Amelia believes that all women have a creative side which is sometimes hidden deep in their hearts. They are all gentle, intuitive, they all love colours and pay attention to emotions and they all love to give something beautiful to the world. This is the reason she creates mindfulness and creative sessions for women to inspire them to find their balance, relieve stress, live a meaningful and creative life. The techniques she uses are mindfulness, colour therapy and life coaching and she is always keen to learn and bring new qualifications in her portfolio.

She invites you to join her in a beautiful journey of living mindful, unveiling your inner creativity, showing up your kindness, discovering the beauty of living authentic, embracing your femininity and taking care of yourself.

The happier you are, the more happiness you are able to spread!

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Monday 12 – 1pm

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