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Iris Waller

Iris Waller

I loved yoga from the first time I hit a mat, and within a short time I found a teacher whose knowledge inspired me to take the weekly yoga practice out of the classroom into daily life.

Daily practice changed my life profoundly and Phoenix Rising yoga therapy helped and healed me when I lost two people very close to me. It did not take long to realise that I had to teach. I am grateful to the wonderful teachers at the life centre and Yogacampus who guided me to where I am today and continue to do so, including, but not exclusively, Jess Glenny, Rod Stryker, Tias Little, Alan Finger, Judith Hanson Lasater, Julie Friedeberger, Doug Keller and Jo Manuel.

I trained with Julie Friedeberger to teach yoga to people living with cancer and Jo Manuel to teach yoga to  children with special needs. Both paths were unexpected; like many new teacher trainees I imagined myself in front of large groups teaching Vinyasa Flow. But instead I acquired a motley crew of people whose needs were very different and very individual, and within a short time I taught mostly one-on-one.  My work is incredibly rewarding, and I love every minute that I spend with my students. Through my daily practice and continuous study I have grown into teaching yoga as a contemplative path, rather than a body exercise. I also have a 2nd degree Usui Reiki certificate and may use Reiki and aromatherapy  during sessions where applicable.

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